Ambassador Program

We hope you are enjoying yourself and are excited about experiencing better hearing.  We encourage you to reach out to those in need of better hearing and tell them of your experience working with us.

Referral Rewards


1 Patient Referral

  • One $25.00 Visa Gift Card
  • Two seats and the Ambassador's Dinner
  • (Dates to be determined)


2 Patient Referrals

  • One $100.00 Visa Gift Card


3 or more Patient Referrals

  • $1,000.00 off your next purchase of a set of Premium Hearing Aids

*Patient referred must purchase a set of hearing aids to be eligible for rewards.

When a friend or family member notices your improved hearing and asks where you got your hearing aids, suggest they call us and make an appointment for a FREE hearing evaluation for themselves. Click here to print our referral form.