• 3 Series
    A newly styled 312 RIC and 312 mini BTE,
    comes packed with industry-leading
    performance features, offering all unique
    benefits of IRIS™ Technology, including
    Binaural Spatial Mapping and completely
    wireless programming / media streaming.
  • Wi Series
    Advanced wireless hearing aids designed
    to better help clients to hear by enhancing
    speech clarity in noisy areas and by
    wirelessly streaming TV and music to the
    hearing aids via SurfLink Media.
  • Tour
    Value-priced Tour hearing aids delivering
    benefits of IRIS™ Technology in a durable
    312 RIC and mini BTE newly styled with
    ergonomic switches, SnapFit receivers and
    include feedback cancellation, noise
    management, synchronized and controls,
    HydraShield®2 and compatible with
    SurfLink® Accessories.
  • Ignite
    A great solution for patients seeking both
    value and performance, Ignite hearing aids
    are now available in both wireless and
    non-wireless styles and come loaded with
    features designed to increase comfort and
    deliver superior sound quality.
  • Tinnitus
    Patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology
    creates a patient-preferred sound stimulus
    designed to deliver the one thing every
    sufferer wants — relief. Because tinnitus
    is different for every patient, Multiflex
    Tinnitus Technology with personalization
    and flexibility in mind, seamlessly integrates
    into most tinnitus treatment strategies.
  • SurfLink
    True hands-free cell phone conversations,
    thanks to our innovative new SurfLink
    Mobile with JustTalk. A one-of- a-kind
    cell phone transmitter with assistive
    listening device, media streamer, and
    hearing aid remote all rolled into one.
  • X Series
    With Voice iQ², nearly doubling the noise
    reduction capability of leading noise
    reduction and speech preservation systems
    while still maintaining speech in even the
    noisiest environments.
  • Xino
    The new Mini Ric, proves that good things
    DO come in small packages with Voice iQ².
    Nearly doubling the noise reduction
    capability of leading noise reduction
    and speech preservation systems while
    still maintaining speech.
  • Soundlens
    Invisible and instantly applies variable noise
    adaptation in all channels between each
    pause. It has been proven to reduce
    listening effort and cognitive fatigue when
    used in tandem with InVision Directionality*
    Provides up to 20dB of noise reduction.
  • AMP
    AMP addresses the three main concerns
    of millions of Americans reluctant to
    consider hearing aids which are they don't
    want to be seen wearing a hearing aid, they
    suffer from sticker shock, or have outdated
    perceptions of how hearing aids sound.

Welcome to Findlay, Ottawa, and Delphos Hearing Aid Centers

The Findlay Hearing Aid Center has been serving the hearing needs of our Findlay area since 1954. The Ottawa Hearing Aid Center has been serving the hearing needs of the Ottawa community since 1988. The Delphos Hearing Aid Center has been serving the Delphos community since 2010.

We are Full Service Centers, providing hearing tests, evaluations, hearing instrument fittings, repair service, batteries, and assistant listening devices.

Our goal is to maximize your hearing potential with the best instrument for your particular loss and to back this fitting with professional, reliable service.

Thank you for considering the Findlay, Ottawa and Delphos Hearing Aid Centers for your service needs.

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