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Experts In Hearing

Custom Ear Molds

Optimum performance in custom earmolds for hearing aids, iPods and MP3s

Hearing Exams

Hearing tests performed by licensed hearing professionals

Wax Management

Help with managing concerns and complications from build-up

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Cleaning, servicing, and repairing the many parts of your hearing devices

Auditory Rehabilitation

Take charge of your hearing! Get acclimated to your hearing loss and hearing aids, and find helpful assistive devices
  • Testimonial 8
    Janine K,

    The joke at home was turn up the TV, Mom is home. I am Janine and I’m from Alvada. I needed some assistance with my hearing. Findlay Hearing treated you like family. When Jodi first put the hearing aids on and she started talking, I didn’t realize for how many years I was not able to hear that well. And Continue Reading

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  • Testimonial 7
    Norma T,

    One of the great joys of my life occurred the day I received my Starkey hearing aids from Jodi at the Findlay Hearing Center. I forgot how much I had been missing. Thank you, Jodi and Findlay Hearing Center.

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  • Testimonial 6
    Lynn and Maurice M,

    Jodi is very knowledgeable and was great in working to help us understand our options. We are very pleased and life has been improved for both of us.

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  • Testimonial 5
    Norma T,

    Jodi assured me that she could help me with my hearing, so I took the tests and had a fitting. After getting my aids, I spent half the day in tears because I COULD HEAR! I had forgotten how much I was missing! The real pleasure occurred a few days later when my husband did a double take when I Continue Reading

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  • Testimonial 4
    Mindy B,

    Jodi, from the Findlay Hearing Center, always comes up with current (or updated) hearing aids that fit my needs…I am able to pick up sounds that I couldn’t hear before. I appreciate what she does. She does a great job!

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  • Testimonial 3

    Words cannot express the gratitude I have toward The Findlay Hearing Center. I was able to actually visit (meaning talk) with Grandpa about family history, farming, and weather, and we read Bible scriptures together. Thank you so very much!

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  • Testimonial 2
    Neil B,

    The Findlay Hearing Center has done everything in their power to correct my hearing problem…my hearing has vastly improved and volume levels on electronics have been able to be lowered significantly. Jodi and The Findlay Hearing Center TRULY care about people.

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